Company shares inheritance

When the inheritance includes shares in a company established in Poland, it is necessary to conduct inheritance proceedings and register the acquisition of shares before the court in Poland. Over the years our Law Firm specialized in particular in inheritance law. Our lawyers would assist you in every stage of next inheritance proceedings - regarding acceptance of inheritance, confirmation of inheritance acquisition, inheritance division and inheritance tax procedure in Poland. After obtaining confirmation of inheritance acquisition our team would help you to register the acquisition of shares and a new shareholder in Company Register in Poland.    

Legal advice - company shares inheritance in Poland  

We will answer your questions and indicate what actions should be taken in the case of company shares inheritance in Poland - at a meeting arranged at a time convenient for the client, as well as during a telephone or online conversation.    

Legal opinions - company shares inheritance in Poland  

We will answer your questions regarding company shares inheritance in Polan, analyze the circumstances and indicate its strengths and weaknesses, indicated if it is possible to become a new shareholder according to the company agreement, recommend tailored solutions, present and describe the next stages of the procedure regarding company shares inheritance, actions necessary to take and a list of documents to be gathered.    

Company shares inheritance proceedings before the court in Poland  

We provide company shares inheritance related legal services, ranging from jointly establishing a strategy of proceedings, preparing and submitting an appropriate pleading, through participation in hearings, to the final conclusion of the proceedings regarding company shares inheritance in Poland. We would help you also with the inheritance tax proceeding before the Tax Office in Poland.    

Registration of the acquisition of shares (new shareholder) in Company Register in Poland  

After conclusion of the shares inheritance procedure we advise and represent the clients before the Company Register in registration of the shares ownership.

Occasional legal assistance - company shares inheritance in Poland  

We prepare company shares inheritance related lawsuits / petitions, replies to the lawsuit / petition, pleadings, evidence motions and appeals.  

Selected services:

  • Company shares inheritance advisory 
  • Inheritance and company planning 
  • Testament regarding company shares 
  • Registration of shares acquisition in Company Registry in Poland
  • Representation in court proceedings regarding registration in Company Registry in Poland
  • Appeals in registration in Company Registry case
  • Post share inheritance obligations
  • Tax consequences of company share inheritance 
  • Acceptance and rejection of inheritance 
  • Confirmation of shares inheritance acquisition
  • Shares inheritance tax

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