Family law


One of our main specialties is family law. We provide comprehensive legal assistance at every stage of pre-trial and court proceedings - we provide legal advice, prepare legal opinions, conduct negotiations and mediations, prepare petitions/lawsuits, motions and pleadings, and represent clients in courts. We conduct cases for divorce, separation, division of joint property, maintenance - alimony, parental authority, regulation of contact with a child, establishing paternity and motherhood.    

Due to the advancing globalization, the law firm has opened up to the issues of international family relations and in this area, using the knowledge of young lawyers, handles cases concerning, i.a. recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, divorce with a foreigner, international contact with a child, international child abduction, European and international enforcement of maintenance obligations.    

We know that family law cases for our clients are associated with a large dose of emotions, not always the good ones, so our goal is to support the client by ensuring constant contact - listening and answering every question that is asked. We treat each case individually, we strive with full commitment to in-depth knowledge of the case and all its aspects, and above all to immediately resolve the dispute for the benefit of the client.  

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