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Compulsory Property Regime

In accordance with the Family and Guardianship Code, the court may, for important reasons, establish compulsory property separation between the spouses. Property separation may also be established by the court with a retrospective date. The spouse, the creditor of one of the spouses and the public prosecutor may file a petition for the establishment of property separation.  

Law Firm provides the following services:

Legal advice — compulsory property regime in Poland

We will answer your questions, present and explain the premises for the compulsory separation of property by the court and indicate what actions should be taken - at a meeting arranged at a time convenient for the client, as well as during a telephone or online conversation.  

Legal opinions — compulsory property regime in Poland 

We will answer your questions, explain the reasons for the compulsory separation of property by the court and assess their existence, as well as present and describe the actions necessary to take.  

Marital property cases before the court 

Our lawyers will help determine the strategy of proceedings, prepare and submit to the court an appropriate petition and other pleadings, including an appeal, and will take part in hearings.

Selected services:

  • Compulsory property regimes of foreigners in Poland 
  • Compulsory property regimes advisory and strategy
  • Compulsory property regimes preparations and planning
  • Compulsory property regimes petitions 
  • Compulsory property regimes litigation 
  • Compulsory property regimes court proceedings
  • Compulsory property regimes appeals 
  • Assets in compulsory property regimes
  • Compulsory property regimes and real estate advisory
  • Compulsory property regimes and company shares advisory

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