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Denial of Paternity

If you have some doubts or you find out that you are not the biological father of the child, you are entitled to initiate a legal proceeding before the court to deny your paternity. You have to remember to keep the time limits to start denial of paternity proceeding.    

In matters relating to denial of paternity, the services provided by the Law Firm include:    

Legal advice — denial of paternity in Poland

We will answer your questions, indicate what actions should be taken and evidence to be gathered - both at a meeting arranged at a time convenient for the client, as well as during a telephone or online conversation.    

Legal opinions — denial of paternity in Poland 

We will answer your questions, analyze the facts of the case, present and describe the actions necessary to take and evidence to be gathered.    

Denial of paternity proceedings before the court  

Our lawyers will help determine the strategy of proceedings, prepare and file in court an appropriate petition and other official letters and take part in hearings.  

Selected services:

  • Denial of paternity of foreigners in Poland 
  • Denial of paternity advisory and strategy
  • Denial of paternity preparations and planning
  • Denial of paternity negotiations
  • Denial of paternity mediation 
  • Denial of paternity petitions 
  • Denial of paternity litigation 
  • Denial of paternity court proceedings
  • Denial of paternity appeals 
  • Denial of paternity and alimony 

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