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Legal Issues After Divorce

After getting a divorce next step should be to initiate a case for the division of marital joint property. Our lawyers will help determine what is included in the joint property of the spouses and which components belong to their personal property. We would be happy to assist in the conduct of negotiations and litigation concerning division of joint property.    

For a period of 3 months from the divorce decree, you have the right to change your surname and return to your family surname. Our lawyers are ready to help you.

Selected services:

  • Pre-divorce assets split planning and strategy 
  • Divorce and real estate split planning 
  • Divorce and mortgaged real estate advisory 
  • Pre-divorce assets division negotiations 
  • Drafting real estate split agreements
  • Drafting assets split settlements
  • Divorce and mortgage (loan) renegotiations
  • Representation in court proceedings regarding split of joint property of the spouses 
  • Appeals in joint property split case
  • Post assets split obligations
  • Tax consequences of joint property split
  • Surname change petitions 

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Martyna Wilkoszarska

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Martyna Wilkoszarska